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Newport News Virginia

Newport News lies along the north shore of the James River, from Skiffe's Creek to the river's mouth at Newport News Point. The city's extensive waterfront and close proximity to the harbor of Hampton Roads makes it an ideal location for maritime industries.

Newport News supports a thriving commercial fishing industry. The Newport News Seafood Industrial Park is one of the busiest fishing ports on the East Coast.

The park contains a variety of fishing operations, processors, and maintenance facilities. The bulk of production involves sea scallops. although crabs, oysters, and finfish also pass through the facility.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the City of Newport News maintains thirty-two city parks. Newport News parks feature offer waterfront access, piers for fishing and crabbing, boat launching areas, golf, walking trails, and other resources.

Each year, the city hosts the Newport News Fall Festival of Folklife in Newport News Park. The annual event is one of largest traditional craft shows in the state.

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