Best Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals

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A wide range of vacation rentals are available in Virginia Beach and surrounding Hampton Roads communities. Vacation rental units are usually available by the week or month, with some units available for an entire season.

Rental units range from simple cottages or homes in residential neighborhoods to upscale condos, apartments and even full sized historic homes.

Smaller units are perfect for individuals or couples. Larger units can provide a temporary home for entire families. Spacious homes offer even more options.

One popular option is to share one large house among two or more families. These arrangements are perfect for family re-unions, company retreats or other functions.

When shopping for the best vacation rental for your situation, this list of questions may be helpful:

Is a deposit required and if so, how much and when is it due?

What happens to the deposit if we arrive and the rental is sub-standard?

Can we cancel our rental once we place a deposit?

How recent are pictures that appear on the rental’s website?

Do rates vary seasonally?

Are additional beds available if needed?

Is there a kitchen?

Is room service or delivery food available?

Are laundry facilities available on site or nearby?

How far away is the beach and other attractions?

Is the facility located near a main highway?

Are pets allowed?

What restrictions are there?

Who do we call in case emergency maintenance is required?

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Published: March 27, 2011 | Updated:January 30, 2018