Elizabeth River Crossings Toll Relief Program Update

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The Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) has made significant enhancements to the Toll Relief Program, aimed at providing much-needed financial assistance to a broader range of residents in the Hampton Roads region.

Increased eligibility: The annual individual income for eligibility has been raised from $50,000/year to $65,000/year.

More discounted trips per week: The maximum number of discounted trips has increased from 10 to 14 trips per week. Toll Relief participants can now save 50% on up to 14 trips through the Downtown or Midtown Tunnels each week.

There is no enrollment deadline. Residents can enroll for toll relief at any time, allowing them to start receiving their toll discounts immediately. Participants must re-enroll annually on or before the date they enrolled the previous year.

The program’s residency requirement still includes all jurisdictions within the Hampton Roads Planning District, ensuring more residents can access the benefits.

Under the program, eligible drivers of 2-axle vehicles equipped with an E-Z Pass transponder will receive a 50% discount on tolls for up to 14 trips per week through the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels.

Residents are required to enroll in-person at the E-Z Pass Centers in Norfolk or Portsmouth, or the DriveERT Customer Care Center in Portsmouth, and provide proof of income and residency.

For more detailed information about the Toll Relief Program, please visit www.VDOTTollRelief.com.