The Lynnhaven River watershed is one of Hampton Roads Virginia‘s most important tidal estuaries. The watershed includes a mix of rivers, creeks, bays, lagoons, and salt marshes, which sustain mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, shellfish, and other marine life.

Several of the watershed’s creeks, lagoons, and tributaries attract kayakers, shallow water fishermen, and nature enthusiasts. The watershed’s lower section is popular for saltwater fishing, power boating, sailing, and other activities.

The west branch of the Lynnhaven River originates near Lakes Trashmore and Windsor. The area, known as Thalia Creek, merges with Buchanan Creek to form the west branch of the Lynnhaven River.

Water flowing from West Neck Creek and London Bridge Creek combine to form the Lynhaven River’s Eastern Branch. As the river widens, it receives water from Pine tree Branch, Wolf Snare Creek, and several small coves and guts. Further down, more tributaries contribute water and the river widens into Lynnhaven Bay.

Near the mouth of the estuary, the East and West Branches of the Lynnhaven River combine with Pleasure House Creek and Broad Bay near Lynnhaven Inlet.

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